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BEIJING CTKM HARMONIC DRIVE CO.,LTD. founded in 1994 on December 9, is the national ministry of science and technology approved "national harmonic drive technology research and promotion center" and "harmonic drive national key industrial test base", is China's first specialized is engaged in the harmonic drive reducer technical design, development, production, sales and service of high-tech industrial companies.
The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, our products have been widely used in aerospace, aviation, information, energy, electronics, instrumentation, petrochemical, printing, packaging, robots, machinery, medical and other fields, and presided over has completed a number of harmonic drive in our country, scientific and technological achievements won the national and ministry awards. Through joint research and cooperation unit, successfully developed the world's leading level of solid lubrication harmonic drive reducer, and successfully applied in our country, the "shenzhou", "tiangong" series of manned spacecraft and satellites and space vehicles.
Company product mainly has the following ten standard series: XB1 single-stage harmonic drive reducer, gritting sets the complex wave harmonic drive reducer, XB2 type harmonic drive reducer, XB6 flanging harmonic drive reducer, XBS6 flanging and phase adjuster harmonic drive XBF harmonic drive reducer reducer, XBFF phase adjuster harmonic drive reducer as well as the industrial robot XBS harmonic drive reducer, XBD harmonic drive reducer, XBHS hollow type harmonic drive reducer, annual output of fifty thousand sets.
Our pursuit: science and technology innovation, the pursuit of excellence, customer first, reputation first, dedicated to new products, new technology, new process of constant innovation and development, in order to make more new and old friends both at home and abroad, the development of harmonic drive technology in China.